Family Portraits — without the hassle.

Having your family’s photos done can feel a bit like you’ve just been to Disneyland — fun… BUT hectic and stressful, mind-blowingly more difficult that anyone could have thought possible! I know. I’ve been there.

After our first family portrait session with all three kids (my little guy had just turned one) I realized I loved the candid images way more than the posed ones. Like the one of my son trying to get up off the wagon and the other two holding him back, scrunching their little faces up with the strength of their desire to keep him from bolting. So funny! He’s a bolt-er, always has been (he started walking at 9 months, riding a regular bike at two and a half — there’s just no stopping him!) So that image is so perfectly them, so real life.

So I asked myself — what do I cherish most? And the answer is: Images of my kids being themselves!

Let me do that for you. Let me capture the true, the authentic, the beautiful you. Let your kids be who they are; you'll love the images—and the memories. Check out my investment page for more information on my documentary style sessions.

If you want the traditional portrait session in beautiful light with posed images I can certainly do that for you too! I love both types of sessions and am happy to accommodate you.


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