The birth of Baby Bodhi, Ventura California birth photography

This amazing young couple definitely earned the mellowest client ever award in my book! Through 56 hours of labor, a C-section, and an amazing array of visitors the next day, they stayed peaceful, calm, hopeful, and just plain beautiful, inside and out. I had the very special privilege of being the first thing this sweet little guy looked over at when he opened his eyes for the first time. For a moment, after they brought him to the warmer, he did not take a breath and suddenly there was tension, but after a long half minute or so he cried out and all of us in the room let out our breath. Mom was a trooper throughout and it was such a pleasure to capture this life-changing moment in their lives, to document the peaceful atmosphere they have brought little Bodhi into, and to share these images with them. He's got some pretty special parents and I wish them all the best in this new life together.