Pops of Color -- A new blog circle

One of my favorite things is following a good Blog Circle to see what different photographers do with the same theme or idea. I'm so pleased to finally be joining one!  It's called Life From This Lens, and April's theme is "Pop of Color" so you will see bold and vibrant color highlighted in the following images. I hope you will follow to the next person in our circle, Jessica, to see some more interpretations of this fun theme. I so wish I had made more time for this, but May is here, so on to the next theme, self portrait -- always a challenge, but fun to attempt anyway ;-)     Enjoy these pop of color images, and especially the work of the other artists in our blog circle.Often when I am shooting I am drawn first to the subject -- whatever it is that first grabs my attention. But the scene itself -- with it's lines, patterns, shapes, movement, and colors -- also has a strong influence on the success of the image. Color is one of the elements that works to my advantage but can also work to my disadvantage -- when several colors are clashing for example, or when the color is somehow working to distract the viewer from the meaning or feeling of the image. But when color is really working in a frame, it can become the focus of the narrative, the element that your eyes are most drawn to. In the following frames, I found that color played a significant role (evident, too, in the decision to keep the image color instead of converting to black and white).color-32color-2color-1color-3A "Pop of color," then, is just a color element in the frame that is either emphasized by the lack of color in the rest of the frame or that is just so bright and powerful it stands out or really calls attention to itself. In the following images, you can't keep your eyes from going to the pop of color -- it dominates the frame and captures your attention first. When that happens, you can say that the pop either carries or takes on a significant role in the meaning or story the image tells.color44color-25color-23 color-22Sometimes the "pop" of color is not so much a bright and colorful small element in the frame but instead the vibrancy and potency of the color element set against darkness, or simply a lack of color in the rest of the frame.color-12The blue is popping in this next frame, enhanced by the yellow of his shirt. Notice that they are basically the only two real colors in the image, the rest of the frame is essentially neutrals. color-100And in the following image as well, the neutrals are causing the purple jacket to pop in a relatively dark image taken at dusk. color-9In this image the dark wheel mimics the other circles, and while there are other colors -- the balloon, the circle of yellow lights on the ceiling -- the pop of color in the color wheel commands the frame.color-60Or, the "pop" can be the whole frame, delineated by a darker element. color43If the "pop" of color is not extreme, sometimes the other elements in the frame -- line, movement, shape -- can be used to emphasize, or point to the color to enhance it's influence on the viewer, as in this shot at the water's edge -- the zig-zag design in the sand, the light, the footprints and the bright white surf all work to enhance the color element in the frame.color-10One last example -- here, the pink jacket commands the frame, but because of the movement -- her running and the boy clearly talking into the phone -- the "pop" of color helps create the tension (in the second image, in contrast, the pink is too much -- the viewer's eye goes directly to it, but without meaning.)color-53color-54 Next up, Jessica!  Check it out!     

Markstrum family in Santa Barbara

How lucky to be able to spend the morning in Santa Barbara celebrating the most precious little girl! First in their home, then down to the beach, we captured all the love these three share -- the lovely little family I felt so happy to get to know better since Mama just happens to be the woman who taught my kids music when they were little.

A dad and his boys

I had the pleasure of creating portraits of this family last Christmas and now that older brother came to town, we got together again to document their time together. Conejo Creek Park North in Thousand Oaks is such a lovely place to shoot too -- my first time; I just loved all the options and the beautiful greenery. These guys were great sports, clowning around together. And Dad was truly pleased to have some great images of his three boys altogether. Here are a few favorites from our session. (click on any image to cycle through them full size)

Family time at Carpinteria Bluffs / Ventura family photographer

This family clearly knows their way around the beach. The forecast was for rain early in the day but we got lucky -- it managed to clear up and turn into one of the most beautiful evenings I've had the pleasure of photographing a family in. The Bluffs are great for variety any time of year, but after the recent rains, the lush grass and warm tones really made for some beautiful images. They were clearly so at ease with each other, so kind and warm to each other, that we got some pictures the family just love. All the sweeter because they hadn't had family photos done since before the younger two were born. A great start to what I hope becomes a yearly tradition!

Fun Family session at Lavender Inn, Ojai / Ventura family photographer

I have a special place in my heart for Lavender Inn in Ojai, so I was so pleased when the owner agreed to let me do a few portrait sessions in the beautiful gardens. This family has so much fun together and so much energy -- love being around them! The youngest fell asleep in the car on the drive up to Ojai from Ventura, so we didn't get much of him, but everyone else enjoyed the day... especially the bolting away from the group part -- so funny! ;-)

The Rupperts in Seattle / Ventura County Family Photographer

Seattle -- what a gorgeous backdrop for this brightly-clad family of 4, who really knew how to rock coordinated but not too matchy-matchy --- the perfect fall look for this October shoot at the park with the iconic Space Needle in the background. I love their crisp, together look that's fun but still neutral. And these girls could not be any cuter! This family clearly has so much fun together too, which gave their session a playful feel.

Nieces are the best!

I just love having so many nieces, but even better, I have a couple  "just-like-a-niece" in my best friends' girls. I did a shoot recently up in Ojai at Libby Park and just adored the light and the greenery. On the drive home I noticed so many spots that would be just perfect for a shoot, so I called up my best friend Juls and a few days later we piled SIX girls into her Honda Pilot and headed up to Ojai in search of an open field. We found one with gorgeous light, but we were just a few weeks late for the wild flowers. This made absolutely no difference to the girls, who lifted the stools over their heads and plowed a path through the waist-high weeds with there lovely bare legs. LOVE these girls!! They were ready for anything, so I got to try a lot of different ideas, and they got to flip their hair a bunch. Got some fun shots in the field, then headed down to Ventura for sunset shots on the beach. But since it looked like we were going to miss sunset anyway, we stopped just along the road after Oakview for this absolutely gorgeous vista of the valley and hills behind. The girls really wanted to go to the beach though so we ended the evening at the path near the train bridge in Ventura for some night shots. So much fun! Love my young models. They need to practice their rendition of the Fight Song though ;-)

It's Recital Season!

I had so much fun setting up this shoot for my dear friend's daughter who just happens to be performing this weekend in several recitals with Billy Clower Dance Studio here in Ventura. I danced (or tried, at least) for Billy Clower when I was a kid -- when he was still teaching the classes -- so it was wonderful to see Parker doing the same, looking so formal and poised in her costume, and just way too grown up already. We were working on getting "natural" smiles and expressions and I think we succeeded! She is just beautiful, don't you think?

Mini Session time!

Lore Photography Mini Sessions are here!Welcome in summer with a portrait session -- perfect for a Father's Day gift or graduating seniors.Sunday evening, May 22nd = $85.--15-20 minutes--10-12 fully edited, high resolution digital images in an online gallery for you to view, share, and download from--option to order prints and other products directly from your gallery -- at a 20% discount== Message me or email: info@lorephotography.com (feel free to tag and share!)printTLC-42.jpg

Grandma and her girls

I had the pleasure of shooting this lovely extended family a few weeks ago up in beautiful Ojai at Libby Park. Grandma and her five beautiful granddaughters -- what could be better? We had a gorgeous day and a lot of fun exploring and playing on the larger-than-life play structure at Libby. What impressed me the most is the love and playfulness between these 5 girls -- clearly, cousin time is special in this family and I loved capturing that for them

Family Fun at the Beach... No, at the Park

When our Pastor's daughter asked me to do a session with her extended family for her mom's birthday I was just tickled. They are such a fun and loving family, and the kids? Adorable! So we set out last month to get some great family shots at Marina Park in Ventura, but when we met at our agreed upon time, I could tell it was going to be too cold and windy for some nice portraits. I figured we could get some fun and happy candids anyway, which we did, and enjoyed the funny windy hair and the cuddling under blankets. So it was back to the calendars to find another date the 11 of us could all agree upon, this time at Camino Real Park, which is just beautiful this time of year with the trees and green grass. I love this family!Hallblog-9Hallfamilyblog-105Hallfamilyblog-109Hallfamilyblog-111Hallfamilyblog-112Hallfamilyblog-108Hallfamilyblog-107Hallfamilyblog-103Hallfamilyblog-102Hallfamilyblog-101Hallfamilyblog-100Hallfamilyblog-113Hallfamilyblog-106Hallblog-8Hallblog-4Hallblog-1Hallblog-7Hallblog-5Hallblog-10


Marina Park in Ventura and stormy evening weather made a beautiful backdrop for this couple’s engagement photos. I loved the clouds and we got some great views of the moon over the water, but most of all I loved seeing the joy and laughter between them. Nothing better than a good “can’t keep their eyes off each other” engagement shoot to remind us all what it felt like to be making plans and dreaming dreams.

Evening light

After a fun shoot with the C. family (blog post coming soon) I headed over to the Nicolle house for some fun family shots. I cannot stop cracking up when I see these -- so much silliness going on here! Thanks, friends, for some great times and some good practice with my new camera. Here are just a few of my favorites -- I'll post the link to their gallery when I finish editing. I think I like the yawning one best!
And this one is just so, so sweet....Nicolle (7 of 7)


I was supposed to do a shoot of these two at their house but their mom needed me to watch them instead so I brought them home to play with my kids, thinking I might be able to get a few shots of them here. I had a ball watching them entertain my little ones! Didn't get as many shots as I had hoped, but love the natural feeling of these images with my kids, and the more posed portrait-style shots are full of personality. Thanks P and G -- the camera loves both of you gorgeous girls!Check out the full session: http://lorephoto.pixieset.com/parkerandgeorgia/P&G-4 P&G-7 P&G-17 P&G-20 P&G-21 P&G-28 P&G-31 P&G-32 P&G-33 P&G-34 P&G-36 P&G-37 P&G-38

Row of ducks


I'm getting really excited! Soon, I will be the proud owner of my very own photography business, Lore Photography, serving Ventura County with on location lifestyle sessions in natural light. Yep. That's me. The biggest job right now is choosing images for my new website. So much to think about!But for now, here's a recent favorite of my husband and his bike:week 51-7

To start a blog

Just starting a blog one day is kind of like moving in to a new house -- you look around and don't know where to start! So I will start with some recent images. I've decided to enter some photographs in the Ventura County Fair because I have promised myself that I will actually take at least one of my kids to the fair this year. Probably just the oldest. I think she will love seeing herself up on the wall. Plus, I'm having some nostalgic feelings for my hometown, and that link to our agricultural past that the fair always highlights. Anyway, I think I'm going to enter these:family4 me-1 other1 other2