Family Fun at the Beach... No, at the Park

When our Pastor's daughter asked me to do a session with her extended family for her mom's birthday I was just tickled. They are such a fun and loving family, and the kids? Adorable! So we set out last month to get some great family shots at Marina Park in Ventura, but when we met at our agreed upon time, I could tell it was going to be too cold and windy for some nice portraits. I figured we could get some fun and happy candids anyway, which we did, and enjoyed the funny windy hair and the cuddling under blankets. So it was back to the calendars to find another date the 11 of us could all agree upon, this time at Camino Real Park, which is just beautiful this time of year with the trees and green grass. I love this family!Hallblog-9Hallfamilyblog-105Hallfamilyblog-109Hallfamilyblog-111Hallfamilyblog-112Hallfamilyblog-108Hallfamilyblog-107Hallfamilyblog-103Hallfamilyblog-102Hallfamilyblog-101Hallfamilyblog-100Hallfamilyblog-113Hallfamilyblog-106Hallblog-8Hallblog-4Hallblog-1Hallblog-7Hallblog-5Hallblog-10

Row of ducks


I'm getting really excited! Soon, I will be the proud owner of my very own photography business, Lore Photography, serving Ventura County with on location lifestyle sessions in natural light. Yep. That's me. The biggest job right now is choosing images for my new website. So much to think about!But for now, here's a recent favorite of my husband and his bike:week 51-7

To start a blog

Just starting a blog one day is kind of like moving in to a new house -- you look around and don't know where to start! So I will start with some recent images. I've decided to enter some photographs in the Ventura County Fair because I have promised myself that I will actually take at least one of my kids to the fair this year. Probably just the oldest. I think she will love seeing herself up on the wall. Plus, I'm having some nostalgic feelings for my hometown, and that link to our agricultural past that the fair always highlights. Anyway, I think I'm going to enter these:family4 me-1 other1 other2